G. Peine Toomalatai

Lighting the way to another plane

Gwen Peine Toomalatai's paintings are mainly a reflection of her own journey in life.  The animals and nature that are represented in the paintings are intricately connected to her personal search for meaning and the discovery of the sacred both within and without.

The light within each picture plane subtly underscores a primary focus of Toomalatai's art, which is to present the viewer with an image that is a threshold or gateway to another place--a place with the potential for self-discovery and individual interpretation.  Flor each viewer, her scenes represent a different state of mind or being, depending on the individual's personal journey and experiences.

Toomalatai finds constant inspiration in the natural world.  The beauty she reveals and recreates is a common thread woven throughout the fabric of her art.

The result of her exacting commitment is paintings that exalt the sacred beauty of nature, imparting the joy and wonder present in the world, as captured in a moment by Gwen Peine Toomalatai.